Find out how the Bible explains itself in an informative, FREE ten week seminar. Our next seminar begins September 15th, 2022 at 7:30 PM in Thousand Oaks.
Held in a friendly, comfortable environment with voluntary participation. You will never be put on the spot. You will never be asked to contribute money, purchase materials, or make a donation of any kind (and we mean never).

The sessions are designed to be of an introductory nature with the assumption that most of the students are “beginners” in Bible study.

Everyone attending receives free materials including a notebook, charts and handouts to aid in understanding the Bible.

Dress comfortably. All you need to bring is something to write with.

Free refreshments will be served.

Time will be provided for your questions to be answered.

It is seldom you get any knowledge of value, compare the cost of college today, knowledge of the most significant aspect of our lives. I highly recommend attending.
Dean P.

These seminars changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful to the God Almighty who led me to and through these seminars to have this great hope.
Steve F.

We were taught by competent instructors how to use the Bible to interpret itself, the important of Bible prophecy, plus loads more information to give us a running start toward an in-depth study of the Scriptures.
D. Pile


Topics We’ll Cover

  • Removing Bias from Interpreting the Bible
  • Study Tools
  • Word Studies: Keys to Understand the Bible
  • History and Background of the Bible
  • The Purpose of God Revealed
  • Which Version of the Bible is the Best for You
  • Does God Have an Overall Plan with the Earth
  • Determining Literal vs. Figurative Language
  • What is the Gospel?
  • One Bible Many Churches … Why
  • Purpose and Importance of Prophecy
  • Heaven Stars Moon and Sun in the Bible
  • Finding Prophecy in All Part of the Bible
  • Our Society Foreseen in Bible Prophecy
  • The Antichrist in Bible Prophecy
  • The Use of Types in the Bible
  • Keys to Properly Interpret Revelation
  • Christ Returns to Defeat the Gogian Army
  • Online Bible Study Tools
  • The Hope of the Bible